SUJI Restaurant in Chongqing, China by Pure’s Design

Use subtraction to change the space from rough to smooth.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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▼室内空间一览,overall view of the interior

The project locates in Danzishi Old Street in Chongqing Province where there are lots of historical buildings. The total area is 100 square meters with three arched doorways facing the street. The priority in the design of this project is, on the one hand, to keep its brand attitude of making complex things simple, and on the other hand, to exploit the advantages of the historic streets. The aim is to provide costumer with perfect dining experience without many decorative elements, which can keep the integrity of the space.

▼餐厅外观,与历史街区相协调,external view of the restaurant, being harmonious with the historic block


Subtraction: From rough to smooth


Suji is a light meal brand whose philosophy is making complex things simple. Basing on its idea, we raised the concept of “Subtraction Space”, which can not only get rid of the complicated decoration, but also keep the building’s original condition. Besides, chiseling the wall can make it rough and it can create a better dining atmosphere, too. We choose the brushed metal as the main material for it can present a striking contrast to the rough wall. Comparison can add to space dimension and furthermore add to spatial experience.

▼减去装饰,保留建筑原始肌理,interior space without decoration, keeping the building’s original condition


After theelaborate collocation of the rough materials like concrete, metal, log and stone, the space layers are enriched and details are refined.

▼不同材料搭配使空间显得层次丰富,different materials enrich the space layers


Making petty details into flexibility


In the original site, the whole space is cracked with a structure column beside the window breaking its integrality. The normal way would use structured seats which can make it orderly. We, on the contrary, break the space, placing long tables, odd seats and booth according to the specific scene, which can make customers feel more comfortable. In this way, the space is variable and customers can have different experience even if they are in the same area. In the meantime, the flexibility of the seats provides customers with the flexibility of their dining form. As a result, the availabilityof seating capacityraised, too.

▼依照空间设置不同的座位形式,different seats according to the space form

▼不同形式的座位,seats in different forms


Light is the best decoration


In addition to Subtraction, breaking the original wall is another way to make things simple. At the end of the narrow aisle, we break the wall to make an arched doorway that can bring more natural light and make the brushed metal material glossier. Also, the doorway can borrow the unique street view into the space. Thus customer’s dining experience will be better.

▼空间尽头打开一扇拱门,形成借景窗口,an arched doorway at the end of the space, creating views to the outside

▼钢板使空间更为完整连续,steel plates make the space more continious


As for the space shaping, we continue to adopt the concept of subtraction by employing the basic geometrical element. Whether it is the rectangle color blocks on the wall or it is the wire drawing plates running through the space are the uses of geometric figures, which can make the space changeable.

▼矩形钢板贯穿空间,rectangular steel plate was used through out the space


The combination of metal round table and wooden bench can make the space smooth and fine, full of details.

▼金属圆桌搭配原木长椅,metal round table and wooden bench


In this project, we aim at conveying a new way of viewing things, and it is also the concept of Liji which is making things simple and using the unpretending will to face the difficulties bravely.

▼舒适的就餐空间,comfortable dining space




邮箱:[email protected]
空间设计:熊天宇 张筱锴
设计执行:陆宏达 姚睿博

Design Organization: Pure’s Design
Space Designer: Tianyu Xiong; Xiaokai Zhang
Design Implementation: Hongda Lu;Ruibo Yao
Project Location: Changjiahui Joy City, Nanan District, Chongqing City
Project Area: 130 square meters
Date of Completion: August, 2018
Photography: Xiaokai Zhang
Contact e-mail: [email protected]

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