(上海)LEMANARC SA 瑞士瑞盟设计 – 项目建筑师 / 初级建筑师 / 商务经理 / 媒体运营专员 / 建筑实习生



Who are we | 我们是谁

Lemanarc SA is a registered firm of the Swiss Federal Institute of Architects and Engineers and a well-known Swiss architectural design company. The company is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, with offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Shanghai, China.

Lemanarc has many outstanding works in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Canada, Yugoslavia, China and Africa. Attention: Concise and pure, cultural heritage, economical, durable and practical. The design process is meticulous and rigorous, emphasizing landscape, ecology and sustainable development. The work has received consistent and serious care from the whole to the detail, from the city to the door handle, and has won numerous international awards. Lemanarc is an important part of the world-renowned Swiss design.

The business scope covers residential building design, hospital building design, hotel and office building design, airport planning and design, large-scale urban complex planning and design, residential area landscape planning and design, commercial area landscape planning and design, old city reconstruction, urban public space. And urban green space planning…

The international design concept is integrated with the understanding of local culture, paying attention to the practical value of the building while giving the building a profound cultural heritage, paying attention to detail, innovation and sustainable development, and advocating personalized services after reasonable analysis. Lemanarc’s multicultural cross-examination brings more enthusiasm and a desire to solve, and thus has a more vigorous and lasting vitality.

瑞士瑞盟设计(Lemanarc SA)是瑞士联邦建筑师及工程师协会注册事务所,为瑞士知名建筑设计公司。公司总部位于瑞士洛桑,在瑞士苏黎世和中国上海均设有办事机构。

Lemanarc 在瑞士、德国、奥地利、意大利、法国、加拿大、南斯拉夫、中国和非洲等地都有众多出色的作品。注重:简练纯粹, 文脉传承,经济合理,耐久实用。设计过程细致严谨,强调景观、生态和永续发展。作品从整体到细部,从城市到门把手都得到一致认真的关怀,曾获众多国际奖项。Lemanarc是享誉全球的瑞士设计的重要组成部分。




Featured Projects | 精选项目

▽ Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital 南京市鼓楼医院

▽Shanghai Orient Hospital 上海东方医院

▽Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Hong’ai Hospital 厦门五缘湾弘爱医院

▽Fully School 福伊中学

▽Pudong New District Broadcast TV Centre 浦东新区广播电视文化中心

▽Beijing Meteorology Satellite Centre北京卫星地面站改建

▽Head office of Nanjing State-owned Assets Investment Management Holdings (Group)Co.,Ltd. 南京国资集团总部


Open Positions | 招聘职位

O Project Architect 项目建筑师

1. Master of Architecture or above;
2. More than 5 years working experience, having complete and clear understanding of the project process, with the ability to complete the project independently;
3. Love design ,with strong conceptual design ability and advanced 3D and graphic representation skills;
4. Have strong communication, coordination and organization ability, can unite and guide the team to complete the design task, coordinate with client for the technical and schedule part of project, and communicate with institute and supplier for the process of project;
5.Skilled in using DWG, SU / Rhino, rendering software, Photoshop and other software ;ArchiCAD and parametric design software will be preferred;
6.Strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit;
7. Fluency in English, French and German are assets.


1. 建筑学专业硕士以上学历;
2. 5年以上专业实践经验,对项目流程有完整、清晰的认识,具有独立完成项目的能力;
3. 热爱设计,具有较强的方案设计能力和优秀的3D和图形表现技能。
4. 较强的沟通、协调与组织能力,能与业主有效沟通,汇报,并协调团队工作, 负责与业主对接项目技术及工作计划等事宜;能同时与设计院或供应商等联络、沟通,跟踪项目进展,在设计各阶段完整贯彻设计理念;
5. 熟练使用DWG、SU / Rhino、渲染软件、Photoshop等软件;熟悉ArchiCAD和参数化设计软件更佳;
6. 具有强烈的责任心和团队工作精神;
7. 英语熟练,懂德语、法语更佳。

O Junior Architect 初级建筑师

1. Master of Architecture or above;
2. 1-3 years of professional practice, strong conceptual design ability and advanced 3D and graphic representation skills;
3. Love design, strong curiosity and strong learning ability ;
4. Skilled in using DWG, SU / Rhino, rendering software, Photoshop and other software ;ArchiCAD and parametric design software will be preferred;
5. Strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit;
6.Fluency in English, French and German are assets.

1. 建筑学专业硕士以上学历;
2. 1-3年的专业实践经验,较强的方案设计能力和优秀的三维和图形表达技能;
3. 热爱设计,具有强烈的好奇心和较强的学习能力;
4. 熟练使用DWG、SU / Rhino、渲染软件、Photoshop等软件;熟悉ArchiCAD和参数化设计软件更佳。
5. 具有强烈的责任心和团队工作精神;
6. 英语熟练,懂德语、法语更佳。

O Business Manager 商务经理

1. 建筑学、结构等建筑相关专业本科以上学历;
2. 咨询公司、房地产公司或设计公司相关工作经验2年以上,外资公司工作经验优先;
3. 优秀的表达能力,良好的气质和谈吐,思维敏捷,具有较高的商务谈判技巧;
4. 善于沟通、思考,具有强烈的责任心和团队工作精神;
5. 英语熟练,懂德语、法语更佳。


1. Bachelor degree or above in Architecture, Structures, etc related majors;
2. Over 2 years of relevant work experience in consulting company, real estate company or design company, foreign-funded company is preferred;
3. Excellent expressive ability, good temperament and speaking, quick thinking, and high business negotiation skills;
4. Good at communication, strong sense of responsibility and team work spirit;
5. Fluency in English, French and German are assets.

O Media Operations Specialist 媒体运营专员

3、熟练应用PPT,Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign等软件;

1. Bachelor degree or above in design related major (or architecture)
2.Good aesthetic and graphic design skills,excellent writing ability, excellent communication and coordination skills;
3. Skilled use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, other design related software;Ability to complete design work independently, excellent color sense and graphic design foundation
4. Creative thinking , open-minded, willing to accept new things and innovative consciousness;
5. Steady work, strong execution, high sense of responsibility and active working attitude;
6. Fluency in English as well as good photography skills will be preferable;

O Intern 建筑实习生


1、Undergraduate(the fourth year or above )or graduate major in architecture;
2、Minimum 6-month internship;
3、Strong sense of responsibility and self-initiated learning desire, teamwork spirit, self-motivated;
4、Love design,Good graphic presentational and model making skills, proficient in various design software;
5、Fluent in English


How to apply | 如何申请

1. If you are interested in this position ,please send your CV and Portfolio (less then 15MB)  to [email protected] ,and we will contact you as soon as possible.
2. Please follow the format below for the message title: “Name + Job Title + Job Source”

1. 如您对上述职位感兴趣,请将您的简历和作品集(小于15MB)发送至[email protected] ,我们将尽快与您联系。
2. 发送申请请在邮件主题上标注:姓名+职位抬头+信息来源。

For more information, please visit our website: www.lemanarc.com
Office Location: 10A, Jiushi Building, No. 28 Zhongshan South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

想更多的了解我们公司,请浏览官网: www.lemanarc.com.cn
公司地址: 上海市黄浦区中山南路28号久事大厦10A




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