Urban Design & Architectural Design Institute Branch

广东省建筑设计研究院(GDAD)成立于1952年,广东省建设厅下属事业科研单位,是我国最早成立的大型综合性工程勘察、设计、研发、咨询单位之一。自成立以来, GDAD从自身的核心技术优势出发,致力于向社会提供高品质的设计服务。

Established in 1952, Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province (GDAD) is one of the earliest large-scale integrated research institutes in China, focus on engineering survey, research and development, design and consultation. Since its establishment, GDAD has been committed to providing high-quality design services to the society based on its core technical advantages.


GDAD’s business covers a wide range of industries and various professional fields . It has 10 different Class-A qualifications. GDAD ranked No.8 in the industry of the whole country in 2010.
GDAD’s main business :
•  Urban and Rural Planning
•  Engineering Survey
•  Architectural Engineering Design
•  Municipal Industry Design
• Engineering Consultation
•  Design and Construction of Architectural Decoration
•  Intelligent System Engineering Design for Buildings
•  Landscape Engineering Design
•  Engineering Construction Supervision (Tender Agent)
• Construction Drawing Review
• Subway Building Design
• Traffic Engineering Design


Over the years, GDAD has built up an outstanding high quality design group headed by members of national academy of engineering and national masters of designing, including 1 member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 national masters of Engineering Design, 16 experts who enjoy State Council special subsidy,38 professor-level senior engineer and 260 possess senior professional certificates. GDAD has devoted to the scientific research and development and design which provides it solid and profound power.


GDAD has won more than 300 prizes (times) promulgated by the nation and the province, including excellent design, excellent survey, excellent software, science and technology awards and 2 gold awards of national excellent design, with its brand influence ranking among the top design institutes in China.


So far from the beginning, GDAD has been continuing participating in international technical and economic communication and cooperation. Meanwhile, we built up good relationship with peers and investment enterprises from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries. GDAD cooperate extensively with foreign design enterprises in large-scale industrial and civil construction projects all around the world.


Our group is full of energy, if the architectural design could be as labels of the city, our designer could outline them with fluent lines, describe them with soul thought, practice them with gusty enthusiasm.


With the growth of GDAD, we sincerely look forward to your enthusiasm for architectural creation, ambition for urban design, and passion for joining our team. We will provide you the best stage in the spirit of pragmatism and innovation.


办公环境 Office


代表项目 Projects

▽ 广州新白云国际机场一期航站楼 Guangzhou  New Baiyun International Airport – Phase 1

▽ 广州亚运馆 Guangzhou Asian Games Venue

▽ 广州珠江新城核心区地下空间 Underground Space of Guangzhou Pearl River New Town(Core Area)

▽ ADG 机场设计研究院办公楼 Office of Airport Design and Research Institute (ADG)

▽ 肇庆新区体育中心 Sports Center of Zhaoqing New Town

▽ 中新广州知识城核心区 Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (Core Area)

▽ 南沙新区明珠湾区起步区C2 单元城市设计深化与重点地块建筑设计 Urban Design Deepening & Key Plot Architectural Design of Architectural Design Competition for C2 Unit, MingZhu Bay, Nansha New Area

▽ 西咸新区能源金融中心概念方案 Conceptual Planning for Xixian New Area Energy and Finance Center

▽ 顺德大学城卫星城核心展示区人才小镇项目城市设计 Urban Design for Talent Town Project, Core Exhibition Area of the Satellite City of University City, Shunde

▽ 广州长隆国际旅游度假区概念规划 Conceptual Planning for Chimelong Tourist Resort, Guangzhou


城市设计与建筑创作中心 | 招聘岗位
Recruitment Positions in Urban Design & Architectural Design Institute Branch

O 副总建筑师/建筑副总(1名)Deputy Architect Director ( 1 )

职位描述 | Responsibility
作为建筑创作、城市设计项目的主要方案创作人、协调人,统筹项目管理,制定项目管理工作计划,参与项目的合约谈判和商务推进。对内负责设计团队的人员组织及项目进度控制、监督项目质量; 对外负责与业主及合作方的协调沟通。
-As the main project creator and coordinator of architectural creation and urban design projects
-Oversee all projects and formulate project management work plan
-Participate in project contract negotiation and business promotion
-Internally, responsible for team and schedule organization, supervision of project quality
-Externally, able to develop and implement Business Development strategies and build good relationship with clients

1. 国内 211 或 985 院校五年制建筑学本科以上学历,或国外同等学历建筑学及环境艺术专业毕业,有海外留学背景或工作背景者优先录用。
-Bachelor degree or above in Architecture or related majors from the Domestic 211 or 985 universities (or a foreign equivalent in architecture and environmental art).
-Overseas background will be preferred
2. 8年以上建筑设计相关工作经验,3年以上国际知名事务所或甲级设计院经验,具有较强的项目把控和专业评审能力,能够独立主持或运作大中型城市设计项目及大型综合功能项目的建筑创作工作;
-Engaged in professional architectural design more than 8 years, including 3 years+ experience in international famous firms or Class A design institutes.
-Strong ability of project control and professional review. Be able to lead or operate architectural creations for large or medium-size urban design projects independently.
3. 有较强的建筑及城市设计方案创作能力与热情,拥有优秀审美能力及设计鉴赏能力,开阔的设计视野。
-Passion and capability for architectural design & urban design
-Ability for appreciation and aesthetics of the design works
-Vision for excellent design
4. 担任过大中型公共建筑项目设计师及项目负责人,熟悉整个项目流程与相关技术管理工作;
-Worked as the main designer and project leader of large and medium public architectural projects
-Familiar with the whole project process and related technical management
5. 责任心强,能带领年轻同事进行全过程项目设计,有较强的团队合作精神和良好的沟通协调能力,较强的逻辑思维和分析判断能力,能够向业主或其他合作方清晰、直接、有说服力的传达信息和表达自己的想法和主张;
-Strong sense of responsibility,leading the young team members to carry out the whole design work and control the completion of the work
-Teamwork mindset, good communication skills, well-organized and strong logical and analytical skills
-Able to communicate and express ideas to the clients or partners in a clear and persuasive manner
6. 有海外工作经验或知名外企工作经验,具备良好英语沟通能力者优先考虑。
-Overseas background or experience in famous international design firms and strong English language skills (speaking and writing) are preferred.

The position will be well-paid , based on ability and experience.

O 高级主创建筑师(2名,其中1名可为外籍)Senior Architect ( 2, including 1 foreign Architect)

职位描述 | Responsibility
-Lead design team and make a direction of design guidance to create and deepen the design of the project
-Achieve the implementation of the project with high quality

1. 建筑学本科以上学历,或国外同等学历建筑学及环境艺术专业毕业,有海外留学背景或工作背景者优先录用。
-Bachelor degree or above in Architecture or related majors (or a foreign equivalent in architecture and environmental art).
-Overseas background will be preferred
2. 5年以上建筑设计相关工作经验,具备国际知名事务所或甲级设计院工作经验者优先。
-Minimum 5 years of relevant architectural experience and experience in international famous firms or Class A design institutes will be highly regarded
3. 能够独立主持中微观尺度的城市设计项目及中型以上公共建筑项目,具备大型交通综合体及地下空间设计与规划项目经验或担任过大中型公共建筑项目负责人者优先。
-Be able to lead medium-size urban design projects independently
-Experience in large-scale transportation complex and underground space design and planning projects will be highly regarded.
4. 具备优秀的设计创意和深化设计能力,对自我有高要求,拥有对新知识新技能的学习能力,关注建筑细部和建造过程中的品质控制;
-Possesses strong design capabilities and in-depth knowledge of construction drawings
-Passion for design, innovation and learning ability of new knowledge
-Flair in design, familiar with various architectural design materials and detailed drawings
5. 有海外工作经验或知名外企工作经验,具备良好英语沟通能力者优先考虑
-Overseas background or experience in famous international design firms and strong English language skills (speaking and writing) are preferred.

The position will be well-paid , based on ability and experience.

O 主创建筑师/规划师/景观设计师(1名)Architect / Urban Planner / Landscape Architect (1)

职位描述 | Responsibility
-Independently carry out the Architectural Plan/ Urban Planning/ Landscape Design
-Organize the design team to carry out the plan refinement and make the report
-Ensure smooth delivery of project

1. 建筑学/城市规划/景观设计本科以上学历,热爱设计,对设计和创作有追求;
-Bachelor of Architecture/Urban Planning / Landscape Architecture
-Passion for design and innovation to create high quality work
2. 三年以上建筑/规划设计/景观设计相关工作经验,参与过大型综合功能建筑项目、重点城市或区域大型城市设计、滨水景观地区、休闲旅游度假区等项目的概念性规划、城市设计等工作,具备较强的方案构思或设计深化能力,同时具备一定的建筑造型和规划空间把握能力;
-Minimum 3 years of relevant Architectural Design/Urban Plan/Landscape Design experience
-Participated in the Conceptual Planning, Urban Design of large scale comprehensive Architectural projects, Urban Design, Waterfront Landscape Area, Leisure Tourism Resorts
-Possesses strong conceptual design capabilities
-Familiar with architecture concepts, construction modeling and space planning ability
3. 责任心强,富有团队协作精神,具有优秀的组织、管理、协调和沟通能力;
-Strong sense of responsibility
-Teamwork mindset
-Excellent organization, management, coordination and communication skills
4. 有海外工作经验或知名外企工作经验,具备良好英语沟通能力者优先考虑。
-Overseas background or experience in famous international design firms and strong English language skills (speaking and writing) are preferred.

The position will be well-paid , based on ability and experience.


申请方式 Application

1. 申请人请将申请材料发送至:[email protected]
2. 邮件主题为:姓名+申请职位
3. 如有任何疑问,请邮件注明,我们会第一时间和您取得联系
4. 申请材料包含:
-各类证书扫描件(学历、学位、获奖证书等) 合并为1个word文档或PDF形式发送