Bridge-building “Panorama” by MARC MIMRAM

A bridge-building resting on either side of the tracks, which are 58 meters apart

Maison de la littérature (House of Literature) by Chevalier Morales Architectes

A glass and brass annex to a gothic church

Saul – Bellow Library by Chevalier Morales Architectes

The transparent white neighborhood library imagines the future

Imperial UP by Alexander & CO

The safe havens for LGBQTI in a bold color scheme

2018 ASLA RESEARCH AWARD OF HONOR: Design with Dredge: Resilient Landscape Infrastructure in the Chesapeake Bay by Mahan Rykiel Associates

Resilient dredged material management in the Baltimore region

Space & Co. by BVN

Next generation work environment responds to everchanging requirements

OceanSpot Co-Retail, China by STUDIO DOHO

An ever-changing shopping store with adaptable display system

Ways Of Life Exhibition

19 cutting-edge architecture firms from all over the world presented their deep understandings and design philosophies towards the theme of “Way of Life”

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        The Redstone Garden for Luxelake Residential Community in Chengdu, China by ECOLAND

        The rainbow colors complement the plants and the water

        Building 1, 2, and 3 of Shanghai Chongming Sports Training Base Phase I, China by ATELIER L+

        An architectural ecology experiment on Chongming Island

        Making Architecture – Lecture in Hong Kong University by Dong Gong, Vector Architects

        In Dong Gong’s mind, the fundamental of architecture is making, is the involvement of our hand and body, ultimately to create a place with spirit.

        Taichung World Flora Expo Discovery Pavilion, China by Cogitoimage

        Immersive interactive art interprets vertical nature ecology—Viewing Half-Earth through Taichung’s Ecology

        The Red Army Cemetery\Long March Memorial Park in Zhongguan Village, China by Fu Yingbin

        Watching on the Hillside

        2 Southbank by BVN

        Artwork and hospitality experience blur the boundaries

        Nyx Rooftop Club, China by Alberto Caiola Studio

        Hacking visual perception: cross-pollinates classical archetypes with virtual hues

        Renovation Of Metro Oostlijn Station by GROUP A

        A new life to the metro stations built up in the seventies

        ALYSI Presents COLOUR: UNKNOWN in Collaboration with Studio Fludd

        A colourful and curious trip inside ALYSI greenhouse

        Summer stage at Kastav – Crekvina by architect Nenad Fabijani?

        The view terrace built on the archaeological remains