gooood Idea NO.48

(only in Chinese) Records for Long Museum West Bund after it opened for 5 years.

House ATO – House Vision 2018 Beijing Exhibition No. 2 Pavilion by Atelier Deshaus

Find the new identity for home in a rapidly changing era.

Negative Sound Library by?Atelier Deshaus

Hear the whole world in a tiny space.

Open Ceremony of CHINA HOUSE VISION and Exhibition Guide

(Only in Chinese) Ten pavilions showing the unlimited possibilities of future house.

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum by Atelier Deshaus

Art museum in time and as object

Modern Art Museum and its ancillary facilities by Atelier Deshaus + Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.

Rebirth from Relics

Renovation of 80,000-ton silos on Minsheng Wharf, China by Atelier Deshaus

Redefining time and place

Xinchang village’s central kindergarten in Tianquan county sponsored, Sichuan, China By Atelier Deshaus

To fit in the homy atmosphere in western Sichuan’s villages.

Footbridge on Rihui River By Atelier Deshaus

It really converts the architecture into a comfortable urban place above water.

Tea House in Li Garden, Shanghai by Atelier Deshaus

An elegant tea house under the huge crown of a tall paulownia.