Drape, Stick, Slump by Cindy Zhang

Instinctual emotions reflected on a series untraditional furniture.

The tableware of the future by Joe Doucet

Multifunctional tableware

Odlo Futureskin by Zaha Hadid Design

To deliver exceptional climate control and natural freedom of movement for all sports activities

danishdesign MAKERS 2018 Exhibition in Stockholm Furniture Fair

A tribute to everyday life

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        MASS box series by YOY

        The contradiction of perception

        Installation “HE” in Shanghai, China by TurtleHill

        The rhythm of calligraphy.

        Quanwen Interior Design Office in Hangzhou, China by Quanwen Interior Design

        Contrast and connection between public and private spaces.

        Afterimage of CRT by Satoshi Itasaka / h220430

        A gratitude towards the CRT TVs

        Sonia?Table?series by Vonnegut Kraft

        Table inspired by a printed textile

        Negative Sound Library by?Atelier Deshaus

        Hear the whole world in a tiny space.

        Stage Nabucco by?Didzis Jaunzems Architecture

        Translate the historical libretto into the modern language of the theater.

        Dream Apartment – 2018 C·Design International Architectural Design Competition

        Create future residential products, offering construction samples for future cities.

        VALERIA VASI by Valeria Vasileva

        The emptiness of matter acquires as much importance as its presence

        Persona Mask Series by Siba Sahabi

        Masks as personal expression in the digital era.

        每周評論精選2018.09.28 – 2018.10.12

        (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last two weeks to present different perspective.

        seesaw for Marsotto edizioni by nendo

        A contradictory impression between the natural heaviness of the marble and the lightness of the design

        STAY WITH ME exhibition, China by JOY SEASON Studio

        An exhibition for 100 chairs in the emotional blue

        CO/RE collection for Lost & Found

        To explore the possibility of modern aesthetics