bench H-01 by Sivak+Partners

A smart way to solve the problem caused by the parking barriers

Project Specs

Design Firm:

感谢 Sivak+Partners 对gooood的分享。Appreciation towards Sivak+Partners for providing the following description:


▼球形路障上的长椅,the bench on top of the hemispherical parking barriers

In Odessa, the hemispherical parking barriers are not always set in the right place, sometimes mindlessly interfering the street and the passers by. Sivak+Partners found a way to solve this problem by adding a bench to the existing hemispheres, which reduces the unnecessary barriers while provides people with more spaces to have a seat in the city. The notches in the bottom and the lightness of the timber bench allows it to firmly placed on top of the hemispheres. Additionally, the bench is made of economical materials which reduces the cost to effectively develop the city. The first sample produced thanks to Cappuccino – the interior and furniture studio.

▼该设计试图减少城市中错误放置的路障对行人带来的干扰,the design aims to solve the problem caused by the barriers that are wrongly placed in the city

▼新的就座空间,a new place for seating

▼长椅通过凹槽固定在路障上,the bench is firmly placed on the barrier through the notches in the bottom


若你对该长椅和项目有兴趣,可以写信至[email protected]
If you are interested in this bench and the architects’ practice, please write to [email protected].


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